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Justice International promotes the integration of different actors: potential victims, human rights activists, journalists, witnesses and all those related to the practice itself of the defense of human rights, through innovation of new social technologies. We target the initiative of the individual owns advocacy. We ambition an individual able to protect citizens’ in their just aspiration the full enjoyment of human rights worldwide.

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Our vision is the use of participatory technologies to strengthen the fight for human rights in the world. We work under a vision that aims to develop local action for global justice.

Advocating for women rights through innovation

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Women find themselves misrepresented in all sphere of life, particularly in those instances where the decision making process occur.s Justice International is advocating for women rights through the promotion of technologies for direct democracy. All individuals has a right to participate in the political decisions that will have an impact in her/his life trajectory.  Through the promotion of direct deliberative means of decision making, in corporations and in the public sphere Justice International aim to develop technologies inclusive decision making process protecting in this way  women rights.

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